Facial Feminization Surgery

by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas

TransOp Mexico presents FFS and Feminine Body Contouring by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas. We pride ourselves on our commitment to helping transgender patients achieve their desired feminization results. With Dr. Cardenas and our experienced team, you can expect exceptional care and state-of-the-art facilities. By choosing TransOp, you not only receive unparalleled expertise, but you also save significantly on costs by opting for gender-affirming surgery in historical Guadalajara, Mexico. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the artistry and precision of Dr. Cardenas. Contact us to begin your personalized consultation and start your path towards self-affirmation and empowerment.

TransOp is with you from start to finish with our proven process.

1. Free Photo Consultation

We begin by getting a clear understanding of your goals and reviewing your photos.

2. Feedback & Package Quote

We’ll share our surgeon’s feedback with you and will send you a package quote summarizing all of the costs without any surprises.

3. Plan & Reserve

We’ll help you find the right date and will take care of all of the details. You only have to reserve your flight to Guadalajara and we’ll do the rest!

4. Travel to Guadalajara

Arrive in Guadalajara, Mexico two days before your surgery date and your TransOp patient concierge will meet you at the airport.

5. Surgery & Recovery

Have your gender-affirming surgery and stay with us for the first 7-12 days of your recovery. Then, we’ll get you to the airport in time for your flight home.

FFS in Mexico

by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas

Back in the 90’s Dr. Cardenas started noticing that many trans patients were seeking his help to remove black market silicone from their faces and bodies after problems developed.

To give patients a medically-sound alternative, Dr. Cardenas began offering feminization procedures for both the face and body. In the decades that have followed, Dr. Cardenas has become one of the world’s most experienced FFS experts.

When choosing a surgeon to alter the bone structures and soft tissues of the face, don’t choose a surgeon who has just jumped on the bandwagon recently. Opt for a surgeon with many years of experience!


Dr. Lazaro Cardenas, Plastic Surgeon

What Our Patients are Saying

“Dr. Cardenas is a genius and he really did way more than what I was expecting with my surgery.

I cannot wait to come back to complete my journey with the TransOp team in Mexico.”


“As a former patient of Dr. Lazaro and also a registered nurse as a profession, I can truly say that Dr. Lazaro is the only plastic surgeon that I trust with my surgical goals.”


“The TransOp team in Guadalajara truly went the extra mile to make me comfortable. The private apartment with meal delivery and nursing house calls were a big help. Every details was taken care of and my surgery results are spot on!”