About TransOp

At TransOp, our mission is to empower and support individuals on their journey toward embracing their true identity. Dr. Lazaro Cardenas and our entire medical team bring decades of surgical expertise to you at a much lower cost than is common in most other countries.

Gender Affirmation surgery is a deeply personal and empowering process, and we understand the significance it holds for our patients. Our experienced team of board-certified surgeons is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care, ensuring that your unique needs and aspirations are met with the utmost understanding.

At TransOp, we prioritize safety, artistry, and technical precision. Our cutting-edge facilities, combined with advanced surgical techniques, ensure that your procedure is conducted with the highest medical standards, minimizing risks and maximizing outcomes. 

As you explore our website, you’ll discover in-depth information about our services, patient testimonials, and the compassionate approach that sets us apart.

Our Services:

  • Personalized Assistance: We offer personalized assistance to understand your unique goals, answer your questions, and create a customized plan tailored to your needs.

  • Expert Surgeon Matching: We collaborate with top-tier plastic surgeons who specialize in various procedures, from breast augmentation to facial rejuvenation. We help you find the right surgeon for your specific goals.

  • Travel Planning: Our team manages all aspects of your medical travel, from flight arrangements and accommodations to local transportation and translation services. We ensure your journey is comfortable and stress-free.

  • Post-Operative Care: We provide ongoing support during your recovery, including post-operative check-ups and follow-up care as needed.

  • Wellness and Recovery Packages: We offer wellness and recovery packages to facilitate your healing process, which may include spa treatments, nutritional support, and holistic therapies.