Chin & Jaw feminization

Chin Contouring

A chin reduction surgery can be part of a feminization for many patients, it helps to make it appear more delicate. It may involve the removal of excess bone and reshaping the chin to create a smaller, rounder, or more pointed appearance.

However, it might be possible that we need a more agresive procedure if the shape is too thik, Chin Osteotomy or Ostectomy. It can be used to advance or recess the chin and adjust its position to better harmonize with other facial features, achieving a more feminine look.

In some cases, is also possible to use an implant to add volume to the front, especially to harmonize the side view of the face.


Jaw Contouring

Jaw contouring for feminization is a highly personalized procedure, and the specific techniques used will depend on the individual’s facial structure and aesthetic goals.

Osteotomy or Ostectomy are also some options that might be considered for the patient, with a photo evaluation we can determine what type of shaping we can perform. 

Finally, in some cases, this procedure can be improved if we perform a liposuction of the Neck or a facelift. 


Forehead Bone Remodeling, Chin & Jaw Contouring

Chin Ostectomy & Upper lip lift