Covid-19 Update

April 24, 2020


TransOp is pleased to announce that we will resume some of our surgical operations beginning on May 4th.  The board of Innovãre Hospital has established a set of strict protocols which will be in place between May 4th and July 31st.  These temporary protocols are being implemented in order to ensure the highest level of patient safety possible.  If your surgery is booked for this time period, we will be in touch with you soon to let you know how the protocol will affect you.

Innovãre Hospital is an elective surgery facility that does not accept patients with acute illnesses.  Even though this is the case, our entire hospital staff will be tested for COVID-19 exposure every two weeks during the special protocol period.  We also want to do as much as we can to ensure that no patient has surgery while infected with COVID-19 since the possibility of developing a severe respiratory infection could increase the risk of complications and potentially expose other patients and staff to the virus.  As part of our new temporary protocol, patients having surgery between May and July will be asked to arrive in Guadalajara earlier than we normally require so that additional pre-op testing for COVID-19 can be performed.  Patients who are considered higher risk for COVID-19 due to age or pre-existing conditions may be asked to schedule surgery for August or later.

We are confident that these and other measures will help us maintain optimum patient safety while COVID-19 continues to be a worldwide concern.