FFS Procedures

Facial Feminization Surgery Procedures


Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a set of procedures performed in order to feminize and soften the facial features that are typically associated with the male gender.  To achieve a more feminine face, Dr. Cardenas evaluates the patient and determines which areas need attention.  He then selects the appropriate FFS procedures from a rather long list of available options.

The forehead is one of the more common areas that needs attention and more than one surgical approach is available.  The hairline is frequently lowered and the eyebrows often raised – all via the same incision used to access the bone structure of the forehead.

Other procedures focus on the size, projection, and shape of the nose, chin, and jaw.  Some of our FFS patients need a tracheal shave to reduce the visibility of the Adam’s Apple.  Adding cheek implants or infiltrating fat to the cheeks can add a nice feminine touch for many patients while procedures for the lips are also common.

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