Facial Feminization

TransOp Mexico specializes in Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) to help individuals embody feminine facial features, traditionally associated with the male gender. Dr. Lazaro Cardenas, one of the world’s most experienced FFS surgeons, conducts thorough evaluations to determine the most suitable FFS procedures for each patient.

Collaborating closely with our patients, we offer a diverse range of options to address common areas of concern such as the forehead. Utilizing various surgical approaches, our experienced team can effectively lower the hairline, raise the eyebrows, and enhance the bone structure of the forehead through a single incision.

Additionally, we provide procedures to refine the size, projection, and shape of the nose, chin, and jaw. A tracheal shave can be performed to minimize the visibility of the Adam’s Apple while cheek implants and fat infiltration techniques can further enhance the contours of the cheeks and lips. An upper lip lift is often suggested to contribute to a more natural feminine appearance.

Our utmost dedication lies in helping our patients achieve their desired results by creating more naturally feminine facial features.

Facial Feminization Procedures

Hairline Advancement

A higher hairline leads to a taller and more masculine forehead. FFS Hairline Advancement by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas can reduce the size of the forehead by lowering the hairline. This is usually done along with forehead remodeling and an eyebrow lift.

Forehead Remodeling

A masculine forehead typically projects outward more than a rounder feminine forehead. Forehead Bone Remodeling by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas helps to mitigate this issue with both Type III and conventional contouring approaches.

Eyebrow Lift

Higher eyebrows are often seen a youthful and feminine. In addition, it helps the forehead to appear smaller since the distance between the hairline and eyebrows is less. Dr. Cardenas usually performs this procedure with forehead remodeling.


Cis-females tend to have smaller noses than men with more narrow nasal bases and a less prominent nasal bridge. Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” by Dr. Cardenas and his wife, Dr. Teresa Guerrero, helps to feminize the nose.

Cheek Augmentation

Fuller and more noticeable cheeks can contribute to a feminine look. With this in mind, Dr. Lazaro Cardenas can deploy either silicone cheek implants or grafts using the patient’s own fat.

Upper Lip Lift

Dr. Cardenas uses this procedure to reduce the distance between the nose and the upper lip. This allows for more visibility of the upper teeth and is considered to be a more feminine trait.

Lip Augmentation

In addition to having more space between the nose and upper lip, masculine lips are frequently thinner. To address this part of the equation, Dr. Cardenas helps the lips appear fuller by using fat injections.

Chin Contouring

A larger, wider, and squarer chin is typically considered to be more masculine. Dr. Cardenas has multiple techniques in his toolbox to alter the chin’s contours┬áso that they appear softer, rounder, and more feminine.

Jaw Contouring

Masculine jawlines tend to be sharper and more prominent that what is common among ciswomen. Dr. Cardenas can reduce and soften these masculine angles using bone shaping techniques.

Tracheal Shave

Among all of the facial features that can be seen as masculine, a large Adam’s Apple can perhaps be the most obvious. Dr. Cardenas can greatly reduce the projection from the trachea by using a burring technique.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplant surgery plays an important role in FFS. Dr. Rafael Arenas can help create a lower hairline when advancement alone is not enough. This procedure can also help cover any remaining signs of scarring from previous hairline procedures.

Enhancing Facelift

A facelift is not usually considered to be part of FFS. But, for patients with sagging facial skin, Dr. Cardenas can include a facelift so that the new, more feminine contours aren’t obscured behind loose tissues and skin.