Dr. Cardenas performs two different types of chest reconstruction surgery for our FTM patients.  While many patients will only be candidates for the “Double Incision” method, patients with smaller breasts may qualify for the “Keyhole” approach to top surgery.  Please send us a few photos of your chest by clicking here.  Dr. Cardenas will be pleased to provide his professional opinion regarding the appropriate method for you.

Each of these two approaches to top surgery has certain advantages and disadvantages for the patient.  The main advantage to the Keyhole procedure is that it involves much smaller incisions and less scarring.  However, there are limitations.  The size of the nipple areolar complex cannot be altered nor is there any control over the position of the nipple on the chest.  A higher chance of contour irregularities means that more patients undergoing the Keyhole procedure may need a follow up procedure.  The Double Incision method involves larger incisions below the breast fold which lead to the side of the chest. The nipple and areola are removed, resized, and returned to the newly reconstructed chest as grafts.

Please take a moment to review our before & after photos below.  You’ll notice that all of the after photos were taken very early in the post-operative healing process.  The vast majority of our patients travel internationally to see Dr. Cardenas and do not remain in Mexico long enough to take additional after photos as their healing progresses.  In any case, these photos should give you a good idea of the results provided by Dr. Cardenas as long as you keep in mind that visible incisions, swelling, and scarring are expected to improve with time.

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“..After all of these years. After all of the hard work I had put in to getting to this point. After all of the sacrifices and loss and pain, and after all of the inner and outer battles I had fought to become me — I was finally me.


Anne Kelly

TransOp Patient

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