The selection of an experienced surgeon with a proven track record is of paramount importance.  One must consider the surgeon’s medical credentials, how long that he or she has been performing the type of surgery you are considering, and the end results from previous patients willing to share photos and testimonials.  

A few of the before & after photos that we’re able to share with you are featured below.  Many of these photos were taken only a few days after surgery.   We also encourage you to check out our many patient testimonials.  We’ve provided e-mail addresses for most of these patients so that you can contact them for more information about their results and experiences with Dr. Cardenas and the TransOp staff

Type III Forehead Bone Reconstruction

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) most often includes work on the forehead and we receive frequent questions about it.  In this post, we’ll address how Dr. Cardenas performs Type III Forehead Bone...

Video-Feminization of the Forehead

In our last post, we explained how Type III Forehead Bone Reconstruction is done. Today, we’re going to move several steps forward and share a video that we prepared which shows both conventional...

When should you reserve your feminization surgery with Dr. Cardenas?

If you or someone you love is transitioning, then Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is probably near the top of the list of topics on your radar.  Feminization of the Physique and Sex Reassignment...

Safety of Surgery Abroad

Every now and then, a story hits the national news in the United States which describes a surgery gone wrong in Mexico or in some other country. Such was the case when friends started forwarding us...

“..After all of these years. After all of the hard work I had put in to getting to this point. After all of the sacrifices and loss and pain, and after all of the inner and outer battles I had fought to become me — I was finally me.”


Anne Kelly

TransOp Patient

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