Hair Trasplant

Procedure performed by Dr. Rafael Arenas

Procedure performed by Dr. Rafael Arenas

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Because the hairline is one of the most important areas of concern for many transitioning women, we offer both hairline advancement and hair transplant surgery.  In some cases, both procedures are recommended in order to obtain optimum results.  

Dr. Cardenas most often advances the hairline while also working on the forehead.  However, patients with significant male pattern baldness may need hair transplant surgery.  

Dr. Arenas is not only certified by the Mexican Plastic Surgery Board he is also an active member of the Mexican Plastic Surgery Association, The Latin American Plastic Surgery Federation, and the Western Mexican Plastic Surgery Society.


What includes the Hair Transplant package?

Package includes: 

  • The procedure, surgical team fees, anesthesia, and operating room 
  • All pre-op and post-op appointments with Dr. Cardenas and his support staff 
  • 4 days of accommodations with meals  for you and up to one companion. 
  • Only stay applies at the appartments.  
  • Guadalajara airport or bus station pick up and drop off, local transportation to and from all medical appointments and
  • Treatments related to this surgery, and pick-up of your prescribed medications.