HIP IMPLANTS is pleased to offer Hip Augmentation Surgery as part of our menu of advanced plastic surgery procedures.  If you’re on a quest for that beautiful “hourglass” look or are simply looking for more typically feminine hips, then you may be investigating the options available to you.

The most common medically-accepted approach to augmentation of the hip region is to transfer the patient’s own fat to this area.  Whenever this is done, a portion of this fat (about 40% on average) is absorbed by the body while the remainder stays in place for the long term.  It is for this reason that most patients require a substantial amount of their own fat in order to create the desired long-term result.  The obvious problem is that many patients lack sufficient fat deposits elsewhere in their body.  In short, this means that there isn’t enough fat to transfer.

Some patients seeking hip augmentation turn to dangerous methods that can produce unstable results.  The injection of liquid silicone is not an option that is approved in the United States or done by qualified doctors in other countries.  Dr. Cardenas NEVER injects liquid silicone and cautions you to avoid this no matter how tempting it may seem.  Patients often come to us seeking to undo a poor outcome following the injection of liquid silicone.  Click here for more about liquid silicone removal.

Dr. Cardenas is pleased to offer hip implants for patients who are not good candidates for fat transfer to the hips.  Because there are no specially designed hip implants yet available on the market, Dr. Cardenas uses carefully selected cohesive silicone gel buttock implants “off label” for placement in the hip area.  These oval-shaped implants are positioned in a manner that creates or enhances the feminine appeal most often associated with this part of the female physique.  

Please contact us for more information about how Dr. Cardenas is charting a new course on hip augmentation with cohesive silicone gel hip implants.

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