Facial Feminization Surgery - The Forehead

The forehead is another area where we find significant differences between the sexes. Males quite often have a larger and more pronounced forehead. A genetically born male can also have another common feature in the form of a horizontal ridge located just above the eyebrow level. This area is referred to as the “brow ridge” or “brow bossing.” The female forehead doesn’t usually have these masculine characteristics. Feminization of the forehead is, in fact, the most commonly performed FFS procedure. After reviewed your photos and/or examining you in person, Dr. Cardenas may recommend one of four different approaches for feminization of the forehead bone structure. These methods are described below.

  • Typical Male Forehead
  • Typical Female Forehead

Procedures for Feminization of the Forehead:

Forehead Bone Contouring

This procedure reduces the prominence of the supraorbital rim using the most common bone burring method.

Forehead Bone Remodeling

This procedure is appropriate for some patients and involves the shaping of the curvature of the forehead by deploying a special fat grafting technique.

Forehead Bone Contouring & Remodeling

This approach combines the burring of the supraorbital rim bone structure along with the shaping of the curvature of the forehead by using a special fat grafting technique.

Forehead Bone Reconstruction (Type III)

This approach is more invasive but may be recommended in some cases. It involves the removal and remodeling of a portion of the forehead bone structure which is then put back in place. CLICK HERE to read our new blog post about Type III Forehead Bone Reconstruction.