Tracheal Shave

The laryngeal prominence, or the “Adam’s Apple” as most know it, is certainly one of the common physical features that society associates with the male gender. The Adam’s Apple is made out of cartilage and is thought to exist in order to protect the voice box.

As the male voice box, or larynx, grows during puberty, so does the cartilage around it. Some men end up having more noticeable Adam’s Apples than do others. But, the Adam’s Apple is not limited to the masculine gender. Females have one too, but it is typically less prominent than the male counterpart.

In order to reduce the prominence of the Adam’s Apple, Dr. Cardenas can perform a tracheal shave as part of your Facial Feminization Surgery. This procedure involves a small incision to expose the cartilage. It is then shaved down to give it a more naturally feminine appearance.