“My name is Kendra. I began my M-to-F transition with Dr Cardenas one year ago August 2011 , at age 63 ( I had to wait until my children were successful adults ). My big concern was ending up looking like an old grandma and I expressed that concern to him. He laughed and promised that would not happen. Dr Cardenas did a complete FFS with a total face lift and his wife, Dr Tere, did my nose job.  Dr Cardenas also did my ‘Goldilocks breast implants’ , not too big not too small but just right. I am more than pleased. I am very happy. I’ve had many many compliments on what a beautiful woman I am. Dr Cardenas entire staff is so so wonderful. Tyler and Vincente are better than big brothers   I am totally thrilled and satisfied.”  –  Kendra

Kendra’s e-mail address is:   k p o u r s o   at   g m a i l . c o m

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