Stephanie’s Review – FFS by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas

I flew from the uk to see Dr Cardenas in August 2006 and went ahead with ffs he suggested. I was scared being alone so far from home and wished I booked the accomadation through him instead of the hotel I chosen. I woke up from the surgery comfortable and no pain ( I had forhead nose, jaw, chin and cheek implants,) When I got back to my hotel and the post surgery swelling begun I looked terrible and felt depressed and full of regrets. Over the next 10 days I begun to heal each day and could start to see the results. I left to return home after my stitches were removed this is when my life changed forever. I traveled in male mode and passport but when I went to the airport I was put in the female body search line , I was refured to as madam even though I was dressed in mens clothing lol. Over the last 6 years ive been able to work get married and live without any questions or stares . No ones now knows about my past unless I wish to tell them. Before surgery none of this would have been possible. So a big thanks to Dr Cardenas and his team x

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