Physique Feminization Procedures

In addition to his expertise with Facial Feminization Surgery, Dr. Cardenas is also a pioneer when it comes to Feminization of the Physique.  In fact, he is one of only a handful of surgeons worldwide to have successfully placed implants for the purpose of hip augmentation.

Feminization of the body’s shape includes a number of procedures that target different areas.  The breasts are probably the first area of concern for most of our trans patients.  Dr. Cardenas uses only the highest quality “gummy bear” implants for breast augmentation.  For patients with fat deposits, targeted liposuction along with fat grafting to the hips and/or buttocks can help produce those sought-after feminine curves.  For patients without enough fat to make a meaningful difference, Dr. Cardenas can place implants for the purpose of buttock and/or hip augmentation.