“I had a great experience with Dr. Lazaro Cardenas and his staff in Guadalajara, Mexico. The city is full of art and culture. There were many beautiful sculptures, buildings, and paintings. On the streets there were vendors, dancers, and we even saw a mariachi band. The people they were friendly and the weather was great. We ate delicious food that was freshly cooked every time. The fruit was also delicious, sweet, and fresh.  The hospital staff was great! Gisela was amazing and extremely helpful and patient before and after surgery. I felt very comfortable with them there. I had never had any surgery before and it was a very good experience for my first time. Dr. Lazaro answers any questions you may have prior to and after surgery. I stayed one night at the hospital and the nurses checked on me often and even the doctors came to see how I was doing which made me feel even better. I couldn’t have asked for better care than what I received with Dr. Lazaro and his staff. It has almost been one month since my surgery and I am so happy with my results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lazaro and his staff for surgery.”

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