Remote Video Consultation

with Dr. Lazaro Cardenas

via Skype


Important Considerations:

1.  Please click on the link below to reserve your online video consultation with Dr. Cardenas.  Once we receive your reservation, we’ll be in touch with you to reserve a date.  We’ll also obtain your Skype user name and your photos if you have not already submitted them to us.

2.  After you send us your Skype user name, we’ll double check to make sure that we can locate your Skype account online.  If we cannot, we will help you adjust the settings so that Dr. Cardenas will be able to contact you without any problems.

3.  We’ll contact you the day before your Skype consultation to let you know the exact time that the consultation will take place. 

4. Although no refunds are issued for the consultation fee, we will credit the entire $50 fee to the cost of your surgery package if you reserve surgery with us.  This offer is valid only for patients who are considering surgery and who have not yet reserved a surgery date with us.  Patients who have already reserved surgery will automatically be scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Cardenas in his office after arrival in Guadalajara.


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